Review: Robens Fairbanks Tipi tent

Review: Robens Fairbanks Tipi tent

The Robens Fairbanks Tipi tent is one of the best bits of outdoor gear we’ve ever reviewed on our blog. It looks cool, is easy to pitch and is perfect for family camping.

We’ve used the Robens Fairbanks on campsites and for a few overnight garden camping adventures at home, and it’s already our firm favourite tent.

The key things I look for in a tent – as a dad with a very energetic two-year-old son – are ease of pitching, sturdy design and plenty of space; and the Robens Fairbanks Tipi ticks every box. Scroll down for our full review.

Easy to pitch

The Fairbanks is a single wall tipi tent, so there aren’t loads of sheets flapping around while you’re pitching it. The whole thing comes as one complete package, with a single light alloy pole that makes it simple to put up. I’m a bit of a dummy when it comes to pitching tents, but even I managed to get the whole thing upright, pegged and tensioned out within 10 minutes. Which is vital if you’ve got young kids who like running off or trampling on the tent while you’re trying to pitch it!

Watch this video from Robens, which shows you exactly how to pitch the Fairbanks tipi.


Officially this is a four-person tent, and although it would be a very tight squeeze if you slept in it with four adults, it’s great for parents and one or two kids. We easily fit our big double airbed in there, plus Sonny’s inflatable Gruffalo camping bed. The headroom is good too. I’m 6ft 1ins tall and can pretty much stand up with no problems in the centre of the Robens Fairbanks.


I have to admit I’m a (very) fair-weather camper, especially with toddlers involved, so haven’t tested the Robens Fairbanks Tipi tent in anything but fine summer conditions. But it looks and feels incredibly sturdy thanks to its excellent build quality, cleverly designed tensioning lines, and rock-solid pegs.

Cool design

There’s no getting away from it, the Robens Fairbanks Tipi tent looks awesome. It has a real old-school and classic Scandinavian design that’ll make you the envy of the campsite. Of all the gear I’ve tested and reviewed on, this is the one most people have asked me about. Purely because they’ve seen the photos I’ve posted online and love the way it looks.

Roomy porch

If you’re camping with kids, you’re going to need somewhere to stash the mountains of gear you’ve taken with you. You don’t want food and muddy boots in the tent with you, and the car is usually too far away, which is why the big porch at the front of the Robens Fairbanks tipi is so useful. The porch doesn’t come with a supplied groundsheet though, so it might be worth fashioning one of your own if the ground is likely to be wet.

Reassuringly expensive

There’s always a drawback with something so high quality, and more often than not it’s the price. The Robens Fairbanks Tipi tent costs a pretty eye-watering £580 (you may find it slightly cheaper on certain websites) and that’s well above the budget a lot of people will have for a relatively small family tent. What I will say, though, is I’m yet to find another tent quite like it. If you’ve got the cash, this is a brilliant purchase.


The Outdoor Dad verdict – Robens Fairbanks Tipi Tent

“The Robens Fairbanks Tipi tent looks awesome, is easy to pitch and has all the space and features I need for family camping trips with my son. Plus it makes all my other dad mates jealous, which is always a bonus!”

Buy it: Robens official website, £580

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