Review: Little Life Arc 2 travel cot

Review: Little Life Arc 2 travel cot

The Little Life Arc 2 travel cot trebles up as a lightweight portable bed, convenient baby day prison, and outdoor sun shield, with the added bonus that it packs down into a small backpack for easy transportation. A 3-in-1 masterpiece!

The problem with having a baby that loves going to loads of different places, is that we have to take him to loads of different places. And when we travel a long way to get to those places, we tend to stay overnight. And when you have a baby like ours who is, how can I put this nicely, slightly unpredictable with his sleep patterns, this can be a pain in the backside.

If you hire a travel cot from the place you’re staying, you have no idea what you’re going to get. And if you take a traditional, bulky, travel cot with you, it eats up valuable car space. So what we needed was something lightweight and small enough to transport easily; something robust enough to contain an inmate who’s sole bedtime goal seems to be escaping from whatever contraption we try to contain him in; and something comfortable enough to keep him asleep when/if he finally drops off.

The Little Life Arc 2 is basically everything we could have hoped for. Firstly it looks awesome and feels ridiculously outdoorsy and adventurous for a bed, which is always a bonus. Secondly it’s very simple to put up, even for a dunce like me, thanks to its straightforward two-pole construction. Thirdly it packs down into a small bag roughly the size of a 10-litre daypack, and weighs less than 2.5 kilograms, so it’s a dream to transport. And finally, it comes with a great little foldaway mattress that seems genuinely comfortable.

The Little Life Arc 2 looks awesome and feels ridiculously outdoorsy and adventurous for a bed.

We originally set the Little Life Arc 2 up in our living room for a few days so Sonny could get used to playing in it. I love that the mesh panels on the side and top are see-through, so we can always keep an eye on what mischief he’s getting up to. The fact you can unzip the side panels and ceiling of the cot also mean we can use it to contain him completely, like a proper little jail cell, or have it almost completely open so he can crawl in and out of the cot, or poke his head through the top.

The big test came when we took it away for five days to North Yorkshire recently, with no back-up plan. If it worked, everyone would sleep well for the whole trip. The alternative wasn’t even worth thinking about.

Little Life Arc 2
The beast awakens!

We deployed the cot in the spare bedroom of our lodge, anchored it to the wall using the attached tensioning straps, plonked the little terror inside it, then retreated cautiously out of the room. And we didn’t hear a sound! Sonny slept brilliantly in the Little Life Arc 2 all week and seems to genuinely enjoy being in it, both during the day and night.

I’m sure once he learns to walk, jump, or climb, we may have problems keeping him inside it, but then that’s surely going to be the same for all cots. The thing I’m most looking to is using the supplied pegs to pitch it in the garden, so he can get the full outdoor experience from it.

What a cracking piece of kit!

The Outdoor Dad Verdict: Portable, packable, comfortable and pleasingly robust. If you’ve got a young baby who’s constantly waking up in different places, you’re going to need the Little Life Arc 2.
Price: £110
Buy it from: Little Life website


2 thoughts on “Review: Little Life Arc 2 travel cot

  1. Looks class! we’re not at the crawling stage yet, but will need a monkey cage pretty soon I think, and have a bunch of overnight trips planned.. do you think it would still be suitable to around 18 months? Thanks!

    1. It’ll certainly go to 18 months in terms of size, but all depends on how much of an escape artist your little one is. I think Sonny (13 months) will be breaking out of this in the next couple of months. It’s a brilliant piece of kit though. Mega lightweight and easy to chuck in the car

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