Review: Kiddimoto Evel Knievel Balance Bike

Review: Kiddimoto Evel Knievel Balance Bike

Most modern balance bikes are lightweight and agile, but this retro wooden design bucks the trend. Here’s our review of the Kiddimoto Evel Knievel Balance Bike.

Both of my boys learned to ride on balance bikes, and in my opinion they’re the best way to get started on two wheels. The two balance bikes we’ve tested out before (Kiddimoto Super Junior and Decathlon Runride 520 Cruiser) have been steel-framed, so we were fascinated to compare them with something chunkier and heavier.

Kiddimoto Evel Knieval wooden bike

Stunning design

The first thing I have to say about the Kiddimoto Evel Knievel Balance Bike is that it’s absolutely stunning. The extra bulk on the frame adds to the design and makes this thing feel like a proper Evel Knievel motorbike, complete with a replica signature and those trademark Evel stars and stripes.

My two-year-old has absolutely no idea who Evel Knievel is, but that doesn’t stop him loving this bike. Plus, he looks like the coolest kid in town and is obsessed with the double exhaust underneath the seat.

Evel Knieval balance bike

Easy to build

Whenever something comes flat-packed it fills me with dread, but the Kiddimoto Evel Knievel Balance Bike is mega simple to build. It comes with its own tools already in the box and took me less than 10 minutes to put together. Which is a good job because Dougie was standing over me the whole time demanding to ride it!

Kiddimoto Evel Knieval balance bike review

Comfortable ride

Obviously I haven’t ridden the Kiddimoto Evel Knievel Balance Bike myself, but with a proper set of pneumatic tyres and a large seat area, it offers excellent comfort to the rider. Becase of the motorbike-style design, Dougie has to lean forward quite a long way to reach the handlebars but he’s covered some big distances and plenty of varied terrain without any complaints.

Excellent quality

Everything about the Kiddimoto Evel Knievel Balance Bike screams quality. From the sturdy build and slick design touches to the fact it’s full safety testing to EN71 UK and European Standards, you’re left in very little doubt that this is a premium bit of kit. It’s constructed from birch plywood taken from managed and sustainable trees, so it’s good to see Kiddimoto are also taking the environmental credentials seriously.

Kiddimoto Evel Knievel balance bike review

Any downsides?

  • It’s heavy. At around 5kg the Kiddimoto Evel Knieval is way heavier than any other balance bike we’ve tested. Which could slow down the speed your child takes to learn and feel comfortable on the bike. Plus, if (or should that be when?) they get tired and down tools, it means you’ve got a big and heavy bike to carry.
  • It’s expensive. At £120, this is a serious investment. There are plenty of excellent balance bikes out there around the £50-£60 range, so opting for the Kiddimoto Evel Knieval isn’t a decision you’ll be taking lightly. It all comes down to what qualities you value in a balance bike most. If it’s style and looks you covet most, it’s well worth the cash!
  • No brakes. Dougie learned to ride on the Decathlon Runride 520 Cruiser and the standout feature of that model is brakes, which aren’t common on all balance bikes. As a result, the Kiddimoto Evel Knieval felt like a slight step back in terms of feature set.
  • No size adjustment. This is probably the biggest downside for me, especially considering the high price. The Kiddimoto Evel Knieval Balance Bike is aimed at kids aged 2 years and up. Dougie is a fairly large 2 year old who turns 3 next month and the size seems perfect for him, but with no option to raise the saddle or handlebars (which is a fairly common feature on most balance bikes) it has a fairly short shelf life.
Kiddimoto Evel Knievel balance bike review

Verdict: Kiddimoto Evel Knievel Balance Bike review

The Kiddimoto Evel Knievel Balance Bike is stunningly designed and beautiful piece of cycling kit that has been my 2-year-old son’s prized possession ever since he opened the box. It’s sturdy, safe comfortable and lots of fun; but it is expensive and due to the lack of size adjustment may not last you too long.

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Where to buy it

Just the bike: CLICK HERE

Bike, gloves and bell: CLICK HERE

Evel Knievel junior bike helmet: CLICK HERE

Kiddimoto Evel Knievel bicycle helmet

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