Review: Primus Kuchoma portable grill

Review: Primus Kuchoma portable grill

The Primus Kuchoma portable grill ticks every box for lazy BBQers like me – it’s easy to operate, easy to transport, easy to cook on and easy to clean. Perfect for outdoorsy families!

Thanks to the relentless heatwave we’ve been cooking outdoors way more than usual this summer, and thanks to the Primus Kuchoma portable grill I’ve only needed to fire up our big dirty charcoal BBQ once. For a small family like ours the Kuchoma is perfect for grilling everything from burgers and steaks to mushrooms and veggie kebabs. We’ve used it in the garden and on camping trips, and it’s been fantastic every time. Here’s what’s good about it…

Primus Kuchoma grill

Easy to operate

All you need to do is take the Kuchoma out of the box, fold out the legs, release the gas nozzle from its storage compartment in the base, screw a gas canister onto it (small camping canisters work perfectly) then hit the Piezo igniter button on the front and you’re up and running. Once opened the lid doubles up as a handy windbreaker and as long as you’re grilling on a relatively flat surface you’ve got nothing to worry about. There’s also a flow gauge on top of the gas nozzle, allowing you to increase or decrease the flame.

Primus Kuchoma grill

Easy to transport

The Primus Kuchoma portable grill is relatively small and lightweight at around 4.5 kilos, so it’s great for chucking in the boot of your car and taking on a picnic or camping trip. It’s roughly the size and shape of a chunky briefcase and the handle makes it easy to carry when closed up. You wouldn’t want to cram the Kuchoma into your rucksack for a backpacking trip, but it’s perfect if you’re driving or walking a short distance.

Primus Kuchoma grill

Easy to cook on

I can’t cook. Not a single thing. But what I can do is turn on a gas grill and keep turning over a piece of meat until it turns a more appetising colour, and that’s pretty much all you need to do with the Kuchoma. The adjustable flame means you can regulate the heat of the grill if everything seems to be sizzling too fast or too slowly, and the non-stick surface makes sure your food doesn’t attach itself to the grill too much. I’ve still managed to fuse a couple of burgers to the grill by way of pure neglect, but for the most part even my shoddy cooking skills have produced some decent meals.

Primus Kuchoma portable grill


Easy to clean

All of the fat drips into the tray beneath the grill – both of which can be easily removed and either wiped clean or put through a dishwasher. It only takes a couple of minutes once everything’s cooled down to get it looking as good as new again!

Primus Kuchoma grill

Easy to impress people with

I’ve fired up this bad boy to cook bacon and sausages for people who’ve stayed at our house and taken it on a dads and lads camping trip, and it always makes me look like I know what I’m doing. And when – like me – you really don’t, that’s a great thing. What really impresses me about the Primus Kuchoma grill is how quickly it gets the job done and totally takes the hassle out of outdoor cooking.

Primus Kuchoma grill

Outdoor Dad verdict: Primus Kuchoma portable grill

This portable BBQ completely takes the hassle out of outdoor cooking. If a dummy like me can sizzle up a decent meal on it, anyone can. Brilliant piece of kit!

Buy it: Primus Kuchoma portable grill, €200

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