Review: Keen Kids Targhee waterproof hiking shoes

Review: Keen Kids Targhee waterproof hiking shoes

One thing I’ve learned about toddlers who love running, kicking, cycling and climbing is they need durable footwear – which is exactly what the Keen Kids Targhee waterproof hiking shoes are.

My two-year-old boy Sonny has been thrashing his Keen Targhee hiking shoes around on every type of terrain for the past six months. He’s splashed through water, sunk in mud, crunched through snow and charged along rocky trails; and they’ve always been amazingly protective, durable and practical.

The Targhees feel so well made that they could last forever, but sadly Sonny’s little feet will have grown out of them soon. So just we’ll have to get another pair. Here’s our review…

Keen Targhee hiking shoes


Low-ankle hiking shoes will never do the same job as wellies in terms of keeping little feet dry, because water can always come over the top. But the Keen Kids Targhee waterproof hiking shoes are as good as we’ve found for children’s footwear, because they’re basically a shrunken version of an adult hiking shoe. The waterproof and breathable KEEN.DRY membrane doesn’t let anything through, and does the all-important job of not letting Sonny’s feet get too hot and sweaty.


Everything about the Keen Kids Targhee waterproof hiking shoes feels tough and protective. We love the thick, padded, soft leather on the upper of the shoe, and the chunky rubber sole that extends up at the front to keep toes protected. Bashing into rocks or tree roots on woodland hikes or bike rides is no problem at all.

Keen Kids hiking shoes


The grip and tread on the bottom of the Keen Kids Targhee waterproof hiking shoes feels like it can handle any type of terrain. Soft mud, sand, wet rocks, grass, climbing trees – we’ve done everything in them. Sonny crashes around and falls all over about 100 times a day, but it’s nothing to do with these shoes.


Like all toddlers, Sonny runs a lot. And jumps a lot. And generally does everything else that kids his age do. He also spends loads of time on his balance bike, riding along the pavement to nursery and smashing along muddy trails whenever he gets the chance. The Keen Targhee hiking shoes are perfect for it because they’re lightweight enough for him to move his feet quickly on the bike, while still giving his feet plenty of protection.

Keen kids hiking shoes


With their secure-fit lace-capture system and padded tongue and collar, the Keen Kids Targhee waterproof hiking shoes are well cushioned, secure and comfortable. Sonny’s never scared to tell me if he doesn’t like a pair of shoes or a piece of clothing, and the fact he’s never said a word about them says everything. They must be comfortable!


These hiking shoes have been submerged in water, sunk in mud, smashed against rocks and generally battered beyond belief over the winter, but they hardly have a scratch on them. Almost every other pair of shoes Sonny’s worn have fallen to pieces after a few months, but these ones feel like they could last forever. I just need his feet to stop growing!

Keen kids hiking shoes

The Outdoor Dad Verdict – Keen Kids Targhee waterproof hiking shoes

Without doubt the best pair of outdoor shoes we’ve found for kids so far. They’re tough, durable, comfortable and look cool too. I just wish he’d never grow out of them!

BUY THEM: Keen website, £49.99

Keen kids hiking shoes

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