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Review: Gruffalo Trunki (best thing ever)

Gruffalo Trunki

The only thing that annoys me about the Gruffalo Trunki is that it doesn’t come in adult sizes, because I’m bitterly jealous my infant son has a better suitcase than me.

What’s right with it?

Even if you don’t have kids, you’ve probably noticed Trunkis in the airport. They’re the ingenious little plastic suitcases with wheels that are perfectly designed for toddlers and young kids to ride around terminals and departure lounges on.

Even better, Trunkis come with a leash so parents can tow their weary little travel companions behind them. Or if your mini explorer is feeling particularly energetic, they can drag the Trunki themselves like a pet. So not only are Trunkis genuinely great bits of luggage, they’re specifically designed to entertain kids in airports and stop the dreaded boredom tantrums from kicking off.

And even better than all of that, Trunkis come in dozens of different designs from zebras and unicorns to taxis and pirate ships. But there was only ever going to be one choice for our Julia Donaldson-obsessed little boy…

“Oh Help. Oh no. It’s a Gruffalo (Trunki)!”

Gruffalo Trunki

Features we love

  • Comes with free stickers to help you customise it even more, including famous phrases from the Gruffalo book, little footprints, and pictures of all the main characters
  • Cleverly placed horns on the front double up as handles to help with balance
  • The Gruffalo Trunki has an 18-litre capacity, so it’s the perfect size for carry-on hand luggage
  • The elastic straps inside (brilliantly described as a Teddy Bear seatbelts) let you secure big bits of luggage so they don’t tumble out when the case opens
  • There’s an internal material pocket for stashing important little items
  • The front and rear lockable catches keep your luggage safe and secure
  • It’s made from the same durable plastic as adult cases
  • The Gruffalo Trunki comes with a 5-year guarantee

Gruffalo Trunki

What’s wrong with it?

  • If you’re used to material cases, you may find the rigid casing restrictive when you’re trying to stuff luggage inside
  • The main plastic hinges down the centre of the Gruffalo Trunki seem a little flimsy. We’ve busted them open a few times but they always seem to clasp back together easily enough
  • You’ll be insanely jealous you can’t get an adult one

Gruffalo Trunki

Outdoor Dad Verdict: Gruffalo Trunki

If you’re planning to travel a lot with your kids, this is a no-brainer of a purchase. The Gruffalo Trunki looks cool, prevents airport meltdowns, and is actually a pretty useful bit of luggage too. Win, win win!

Buy it: Trunki official website, £44.99

Gruffalo Trunki

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