Review: Gruffalo inflatable ReadyBed

Review: Gruffalo inflatable ReadyBed

We’ve done loads of camping this summer, so at two years old decided it was time for Sonny to get his first camping bed. We went for the Gruffalo inflatable ReadyBed – and here’s our review.

Since pretty much everything my son owns has a picture of the Gruffalo on it somewhere, there was really only one option when we were picking out his new camping bed. ReadyBed have loads of cool kiddy designs from Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig to Thomas & Friends and Shimmer and Shine, but Sonny only had eyes for the Gruffalo. We opted for My First ReadyBed, which is designed for kids from 18 months to 3 years old, because it looked perfect for camping trips and also a nice way to help Sonny transition from his cot into a proper little bed at home.

So is it in any good?

Good points

  • It looks great. If you and your kids are fans of the book (who isn’t?) then you can’t fail to love this bed. With a big Gruffalo picture on the attached duvet and some nice detail around the rounded inflatable headboard, it’s a really exciting bit of kit for kids. Sonny actually kissed it with excitement the first time we inflated it!
  • It’s really practical. The Gruffalo inflatable ReadyBed folds down into the size of a large handbag and has its own carry-handle attached. You simply roll it up, close the velcro tab, and it’s ready to carry (see pic below). No need for an extra bag to store it in.
  • It’s easy to inflate. The bed comes with its own little hand/foot pump, which is easy to use and takes around five minutes to inflate. If you’ve got a bigger pump with a wide nozzle that you can attach to the valve, that makes it even quicker.
  • It’s mega comfy. I wish I was smaller, or the bed was bigger, because I’d sleep in it every night. The Gruffalo inflatable ReadyBed has its own built-in pillow and thin duvet which are great if you’re using it indoors. If you’re camping outdoors, just add some extra cushioning and bed covers for warmth.
  • It feels very safe. The rounded headboard is designed to keep your toddler in bed all night – even if they like thrashing and rolling in their sleep. If you nudge the Gruffalo inflatable ReadyBed up against your own air bed, it feels very safe and secure.
  • It has its own book pouch! We love the little pocket on the left of the bed, because it’s the perfect size for kiddy camping essentials like books and torches.

Bad points

  • None, apart from the fact I can’t make Sonny stay in it. He loves inflating it, bouncing on it, lying in it to read books, then starting to doze off in it – but at some point in the night he always gatecrashes my bed! That’s not the ReadyBed’s fault though, so I’m working on it…

Outdoor Dad verdict: Gruffalo inflatable ReadyBed

If you’re looking for a first toddler camping bed, or just a cool inflatable bed for your kids to use in the house or on sleepovers, this is a great starting point. It looks cool, it’s practical, and it’s great value at £35. We love it.

Buy it: Gruffalo inflatable ReadyBed, £34.99


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