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Review: Coolcasc animal helmet cover

Coolcasc animal helmet cover

This is probably the easiest product review I’ve ever written. Trust me, your kid would love a Coolcasc animal helmet cover. Just order one today!

My two-year-old son is obsessed with riding his balance bike, and obsessed with animals, so this crazy elephant helmet cover from Coolcasc was never going to be anything but a massive hit. These multi-sport covers are designed to fit any shape or size of helmet (they’re not just for kids!), so all you need to do is pull the stretchy fabric over the top of your helmet and you’re good to go.

You’ve probably seen children wearing similar helmet covers if you’ve ever been skiing abroad, but they’re also perfect for encouraging toddlers and young kids to wear a helmet on their bike. In my experience, Sonny was never a huge fan of wearing his helmet when he first started learning to ride, but as soon as we stuck this crazy elephant on top – with its ridiculous floppy ears and trunk – he all of a sudden couldn’t get enough of it. Now he rides to and from nursery wearing his helmet every day, proudly shouting to every passer-by to “Look at my elephant!”

Coolcasc animal helmet cover

Coolcasc animal helmet covers come in a weird and wonderful range of 34 species – from rhinos and flamingos to lions and frogs – so get on their website and check out all the options. They don’t just do animals, either, so if your child wants something slightly more understated (or you want one for yourself) they’ve got you covered.

You can find them for less than £20 at loads of online retailers, so go on, treat your kid. They’ll never take it off!

Coolcasc animal helmet cover

Outdoor dad verdict: Coolcasc animal helmet cover

Like the name suggests, a very cool product. And cheap. And easy to use. And your kids will love it. Just buy one!

Coolcasc animal helmet cover

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