Review: Bogs Skipper Wellies

Review: Bogs Skipper Wellies

My son spends an almost unbelievable amount of time up to his ankles in mud and water, and as a result he practically lives in his Bogs Skipper Wellies. So it’s a good job they’re awesome!

Why choose wellies?

As an adult fashion victim who still wastes time trying (and usually failing) to look cool in outdoor clothing, I’d forgotten how practical wellies are. I’ve got loads of fancy ‘waterproof’ footwear with expensive Gore-Tex membranes that promises a lot but usually ends up leaking very quickly, but when wellies say they’re 100% waterproof they really mean it. They’re absolutely bombproof – nothing comes through.

This complete waterproofness has a couple of drawbacks – such as water coming over the top of the boot and staying there until you tip it out, or your feet getting hot and sweaty – but for toddlers and young kids they’re as close to the perfect bit of outdoor footwear as you can get.

Bogs Skipper
Sonny battling the Beast from the East in his Bogs Skipper wellies

You get what you pay for

We cheaped out on Sonny‘s first pair of wellies (£7 from Primark with Spider-Man plastered all over them) but now he’s approaching two years old it’s reassuring to have found the Bogs Skippers, which although slightly more expensive are absolutely perfect for little explorers.

At the end of the day the Bogs Skipper Wellies are just wellies, but with premium touches like handles that make them easy to pull on (how hard is putting wellies on a kid by the way?), plus a well padded foam footbed that fights odours with its DuraFresh technology. There are thousands of other options out there for kids’ wellies, but it’s little touches like this that make the Skippers so appealing.

Built for kids

Bogs is an interesting brand too. Founded in Oregon USA in 2002 originally to make footwear for farmworkers, Bogs have since evolved into one of the best brands out there for kids’ footwear. From wellies and sandals to hiking boots and waterproof shoes for babies, their range is perfect for outdoorsy families. Bogs also donate 2% of each sale to outdoor education, with the aim of providing scholarships and grants in the USA to help kids grow and learn in the great outdoors. Brilliant idea!

Buy some Bogs Skipper Wellies: Welly Warehouse – £35

Bogs Skipper

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