What’s the best stand-up paddleboard for families?

What’s the best stand-up paddleboard for families?

If you want to try paddleboarding with your kids but don’t know which board to buy, check out our review of the Aquaplanet Max SUP. The best family paddleboard we’ve found.

The first thing we discovered when we started looking into buying a paddleboard is that they’re much more expensive than we expected. And they’re all inflatable, which was also news to us!

So after spending longer than we’d like to admit trying to find a solid one, we set about finding the best deal on an inflatable SUP that was stable enough for a beginner adult (me) and also strong and reliable enough to support the weight of at least one of our young boys.

Best family paddleboards

The other key detail was price. As complete newcomers to paddleboarding, we didn’t want to blow too much cash from the start. I was recommended SUPs of around £700, which almost gave me a heart attack.

But after taking my usual next step of checking the Decathlon website I realised there were plenty of affordable options out there, and things got even better when a friend recommended Aquaplanet.

Not only do Aquaplanet’s SUP packages come with everything you need to get started (pump, paddle, ankle leash, storage rucksack, dry bag, repair kit), they’re also fantastically priced.

A few hours later I’d ordered one, but is it the best family paddleboard? Read our review of the Aquaplanet Max SUP package to find out…

Aquaplanet Max SUP review
The Aquaplanet Max is stable, durable and great for family trips.

Good points

  • By SUP standards, the Aquaplanet Max is cheap! We paid what feels like a bargain £329 for our board, which came with all of the accessories you need to get started.
  • It’s very stable and great for beginners. I was a total novice when I first pumped up our new SUP, but within 5 minutes I felt very comfortable standing up and paddling downstream.
  • It takes a lot of weight. Wherever I go, it seems I usually have at least one child with me! So I needed a board that could take plenty of weight and the Aquaplanet Max can cope with up to 130kg. Perfect for dad and son adventures.
  • Easy to get started. The overall package you get from Aquaplanet is superb. A few of the boards I looked at needed all the accessories buying on top, but for just over £300 everything we needed to go paddleboarding (pump, paddle, ankle leash, storage rucksack, dry bag, repair kit) arrived in one big box. Meaning we were on the water about an hour later.
  • Feels very durable. I’ve only had it for a few months and six or seven trips, but nothing about the Aquaplanet Max feels cheap. Usually, when a price seems too good to be true it usually is, but that doesn’t feel the case here. A friend of mine has the Aquaplanet Pace SUP and is equally happy with the quality.
  • Kids can steer it too. My 5-year-old lad Sonny has his own junior paddleboard which he still hasn’t quite mastered, but the stability of the Max gave him the confidence to stand up and try a few strokes. He’s not exactly a pro yet but he’s getting there. And this feels like something we’re going to get a lot of use at over the coming years!
Sonny getting his river legs.
Aquaplanet MAX SUP rucksack
Model added for scale! The Aquaplanet Max SUP packs down easily into the backpack.

Bad points

  • Genuinely struggling to find many!
  • It’s less pointy than a lot of the other boards, presumably due to being built for stability. The only downside I can see to this so far is it must slow the board down and make it slightly harder to turn. But as a novice, it suits me fine.
  • Pumping it up is exhausting! But that’s probably just because I’m a weakling.
Aquaplanet MAX SUP fins
The main fin clips easily in and out of this bracket, making the Aquaplanet Max SUP easier to roll up when deflated.

Verdict – Aquaplanet Max SUP review

This could well be the best family paddleboard out there. It’s affordable, robust, reliable, stable, easy to use and – best of all – loads of fun. We’d highly recommend it!

The Outdoor Dad, 2021

Where to buy it

Aquaplanet website

Best family SUP
Two happy paddleboarders!

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