35 reasons why I love being outside

35 reasons why I love being outside

While walking to work this morning, I saw a ridiculously cool sunrise that reminded me of all the things I love about being outside. Then my mind started racing, and before I knew it I was sitting down at my desk writing this… 

I love the feeling of fresh air on my face when I step out of the house each morning, and the way cold winter air pinches at my skin

I love walking my little dog three times a day, wherever we are in the world, watching how excited he gets by the smell of the grass, or the sight of a fat pigeon to chase

I love the red burn of a winter sunrise, and the way the light twinkles through the trees in our garden at dawn

I love the squawking bush at the end of our street that sounds like it’s about to explode with squabbling birds just before daybreak, and the swifts that scream above our house all summer

I love the silent cows I pedal past on my cycle commute to work, and the mist that gathers under their bellies on cold mornings

I love cutting the grass in my garden on a warm day, then lazing under the sun with a beer on long summer afternoons

I love swinging in my hammock and reading a good book, listening to twittering goldfinches and blue tits as they bounce around above me

I love climbing trees for no better reason than to stare down on the ground I was just standing on, then feeling that familiar nervous tingle before trying to descend

I love long walks in the countryside, and the thumping beat of a swan’s wings before it skims in to land on the river near our house

I love climbing mountains by routes that make my palms sweat, and falling asleep in strange places that deliver knockout views when I wake up

I love strolling along sandy beaches, watching crabs scuttle in and out of their hidey-holes, with the soothing whoosh of waves rising and falling beside me

I love drifting down rivers in my inflatable canoe, and the way wildlife seems unthreatened by my sudden appearance in their watery world

I love eating picnics and kicking footballs in my local park, and playing long, pointless sets of tennis on scorching summer evenings

I love BBQs with friends, and chucking logs on our rusty old chimenea to beat off the evening chill

I love sitting outside and gazing at stars, listening to music and drinking whiskey into the early morning hours

I love that there are thousands of things I’ve forgotten to add to this list, and that there are countless more adventures still out there waiting for me

Most of all, I love that I’m going to experience all of these things with my little boy

One thought on “35 reasons why I love being outside

  1. I love this! My little boy is my favourite adventure partner in crime too! It’s great introducing them to the outdoors at a young age, watching them take in their surroundings and start to learn everything about it. He’s got such curiosity about everything and an inner strength and determination which astounds us. I think our outdoor family adventures may get a bit more epic if he has anything more to do with it! Happy adventuring for you all too! 🙂

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