Fitting exercise around the baby

Fitting exercise around the baby

How getting up extra early for bike commutes to work is keeping me (vaguely) fit and active… 

It dawned on me around midway through the third week of being parent that all the warnings people had given me were true – you really don’t get much time to yourself with a baby in your house. All of a sudden it’s May, the temperatures are up and the sun is shining, and I would normally have spent the past few weeks cycling, canoeing, finishing the local football season and preparing for the summer tennis leagues. Obviously that hasn’t happened (thanks a lot Sonny!)!

So this morning I set my alarm for 6.30am (not that I needed it with Sonny noisily demanding a nappy change and feed 30 mins earlier), was out walking the dog by 6.45am and was on my bike heading to the train station by 7.15am. Have to admit I’m a little shattered, but it’s a gorgeous spring morning and my bike has already treated me to the first swifts of the year screaming over me head, a muntjac deer skulking through the woods, bluebells illuminating the edges of my cycle track, a great-crested grebe nesting among the reeds, and around 50 rabbits who seemed determined to meet a grizzly end between my bike spokes.

I’m typing these words aboard the 7.50am train from Huntingdon to Peterborough, and when I reach my destination I’ll have a lovely ride to the office to look forward to that takes me beside a rowing lake, behind a golf course and alongside an old steam train track. I could drive my entire commute journey in around 25 minutes with Talksport for company, but that would deny me around 10 miles of exercise on the bike, plus those intimate, fleeting encounters with nature that only silent countryside tracks and the cloak of early morning seem to provide.

I’m determined to keep cramming these brief bursts of exercise on wherever and whenever I can. I’m sure it’ll get easier as Sonny gets older and we all slip into a more grooved family routine, but right now this is good enough me.

With my now nightly pram and dog walks, lunchtime 5-a-side football at work, bike rides and occasional sneaky trips to the tennis club, it looks like it’s going to be another fun and active summer!





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