Creating a family garden

Creating a family garden

The inside of the house is almost ready for the imminent arrival of our baby, so we’ve set about turning our garden into a special outside family space.

Sitting in the garden today, on a perfect spring Sunday morning, it hit me this could be the last weekend I ever have as a non-parent. Gemma’s due date is April 10th (next Sunday!) which is both terrifying and incredibly exciting, and I think we’re just about ready for it…

Last June we moved into what we hope is going to be a very happy family home, and our three-year plan to do the place up suddenly became a 9-month plan when we discovered Gem was pregnant. It’s been a busy winter of painting, plastering and all the other things that come with house renovations (it’s been a lot harder than we expected) but we’re almost finished now, meaning we can finally start spreading back outside into our garden.

We’d never had a proper garden before last year and I love everything about owning one. Ours was beautifully looked after by the previous owner and is full of flowers, trees, bushes, plants, insects and birds that all seem to blaze brightly at different times of the year. I can’t wait for the new addition to our family to start spending time out here with us. Today I’ve chopped up a mega pile of logs and stacked them in my newly built log shack – easily my most manly accomplishment yet – built a ‘bug hotel’ from a few leftover bricks and roof tiles, played piggy in the middle with the dog until he almost passed out, and fired up the BBQ for the first time in 2016. Gem lounged about on a comfy chair shouting orderS at me, and even though she’s now the size of a fully grown hippo, she’s always out there egging me on with my latest DIY disaster and making sure I haven’t chopped off a limb with the latest power tool I’ve got my hands on.

We’re never happier than when we’re outside together, and I know we’ll be even happier when we’ve got a cheeky little baby for company. Let’s hope the good weather lasts all spring and summer!

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