About us

I’m Oli, a mostly clueless dad enjoying the biggest adventure of my life, and the smiley little dude racing me down the beach is my boy Sonny. This blog is all about the outdoor adventures we’re having together as a family, along with his crazy baby brother Dougie and heavily outnumbered mum Gemma.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the green (and wet, and windy, and cold) Pennine hills with parents who let me roam wherever I wanted. From a young age I was obsessed by the outdoors, but it’s only since becoming an adult with a 9am-5pm job that I’ve really begun to appreciate what it means to me.

When I first found out we were having a baby, I panicked about what kind of dad I would be. And then I realised I want to be just like my parents were.

I want our kids to have a childhood filled with adventure, excitement and exploration. I want to ride bikes with them, walk up mountains with them, sleep in tents with them, watch sunsets with them, swim in the sea with them, and climb trees with them – and there’s so much to see in the big wide world that I want them to get started early.

This blog is a record of our adventures as a family, and hopefully something we can look back on and enjoy for many years to come.

I hope you enjoy it too.