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Will my son be a sporting superstar?

They say it’s every dad’s dream for his son to grow up to be a sporting superstar, and I’d be lying if I said I haven’t already pictured Sonny winning the men’s singles at Wimbledon, or scoring the winning goal in the World Cup Final…

Dad knowledge

How nursery rhymes took over my life

One day in the future, hopefully many decades from now, I can picture myself rocking manically in an old folks’ home (or possibly a mental asylum), still haunted by the sinking realisation that the the Wheels On The Bus may never stop going round and round. Or that the Grand Old Duke of York will never stop marching his troops…

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Dad knowledge

Surviving sleepless nights

The fact I started writing this blog at 3.30am says pretty much everything about the sleep pattern of a new parent. It’s unpredictable, exhausting and relentless; but you learn to cope with it. Because you have to.