4 of the best winter coats for toddlers

4 of the best winter coats for toddlers

Kids love getting outside in winter just as much as summer, so they need coats that keep them warm and toasty on their adventures. Here are the best winter coats for toddlers we’ve tested.

Because this will be Sonny’s first winter as a fully-functioning toddler we’ve probably gone overboard with the number of coats he’s got. We have warm fleecy ones, dedicated waterproofs, big thick ones that wouldn’t look out of place in a ski resort, and some that do a little bit of everything. Below are 4 of the best winter coats for toddlers that should cover you for every type of outdoor trip.


Peacocks Fleece Lined Rubber Jacket – £14

We bought this coat from Peacocks before taking Sonny to his first outdoor gig during the summer (because the weather was crap) and I’ll be honest that we only got it because it was cheap. But it’s probably become his most practical piece of clothing. The outer layer is pure rubber so it’s totally waterproof and the fleece lining means your little explorer won’t need to wear loads of layers underneath. It’s got a big roomy hood, an easy-to-use zip and four pockets on the front (although I still haven’t figured out what a toddler uses pockets for?). It’s the kind of coat you just chuck on without thinking because it does the job in most situations.
best winter coats for toddlers

Reima Vesi kids’ rain jacket – £35

This is a proper waterproof jacket, with welded seams to make sure no water can find its way through. The Reima Vesi has loads of useful features that aren’t always common in outdoor gear at this price, like a detachable hood, elastic cuffs, reflective strips and a very cool design that makes Sonny look like a proper little outdoorsman. I also like the fact there’s one big easy front zip and only three big popper buttons. The less stuff to fasten up the better! It’s also really lightweight and crushes down easily inside my bag when it’s not being worn. The fact the material is quite thin means the Vesi fits nicely underneath shoulder straps on things like prams, bike seats and rucksack carriers; which is really useful if you spend as much time outside as we do! I’ve found the Reima Vesi for varying prices online – from £15 to £40 – but the RRP seems to be close to £35. Absolute bargain.best winter coats for toddlers

Isbjorn Panda PrimaLoft Stretch Hoodie – £80

Of all the bits of baby/toddler outdoor clothing I’ve seen, this has to be the best-looking in terms of style and quality. The Panda basically looks like a shrunken version of a high-performance piece of adult outdoor gear, and we absolutely love it. That quality comes at a cost, of course, and £80 is a lot of money for what’s effectively just a warm hoodie, but it’s the features packed into the ISBJÖRN Panda that make it extra special. For a start it’s made from PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Performance Fleece, which is water-repellant, compressible and amazingly snuggly and soft. There are also loads of cool design touches from Swedish manufacturer ISBJÖRN that make it feel extra special, such as the little thumb loops in the cuffs that keep Sonny’s wrists warm, the peaked hood, the zipped pockets, and the funky blue shoulder stripes. Basically, as you can probably tell, it’s a big hit.best winter coats for toddlers

Didriksons Storlien Kid’s Jacket – £80

As this photo proves, the Didriksons Storlien is still a bit too big for Sonny but it’s so good we can’t resist using it anyway. This is a proper all-round winter coat that wouldn’t look out of place on a trek across the Antarctic, especially with its built-in snow skirt. The Storlien’s windproof, waterproof and also breathable, so our little explorer doesn’t get too sweaty while he’s charging around. The velcro adjustable cuffs are great (apart from the fact Sonny loves chewing them) and the velcro covering over the big front zip makes it easy to seal the whole coat up. The faux fur hood lining is what really makes this jacket look epic, and the hood is massive so will still fit over the top of a bike helmet or big daft winter hat – and we’ve got plenty of them! The big reflective strip on the back is awesome for walking in low light and the Storlien is so warm Sonny can head outside with just a t-shirt underneath, so we can actually leave the house quickly for once! It’s expensive at £80, but when you take into account that all Didriksons kids’ products have ‘Extend size’ – a seam inside the garment cuffs and hem that can be cut away to increase the coat by one size – it feels well worth the money.best winter coats for toddlers

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  1. I really want the coat which has reflective logos on the arse bit of the jacket. I keep seeing them but don’t know where to buy one for my little niece. It seems to be a season must have and I do not want to be left out of the latest trends. Can anyone tell me where I can buy the coats with different reflective symbols on the back right at the bottom in the centre of the jacket.

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