Review: Stonz Booties (Elephant Slate)

Review: Stonz Booties (Elephant Slate)

If your baby still isn’t walking but loves being outside on cold days, Stonz booties are perfect for keeping their feet warm on winter adventures.

Our 10-month-old Sonny spends a lot of time hanging around in his baby carrier with his feet dangling in fresh air. And because it’s pointless sticking shoes on him when he can’t walk, and socks never seem to stay on his feet for more than 10 seconds, he often ends up with chilly toes.

Sonny’s excellent Spotty Otter Drift Down Suit has built-in fold-over foot warmers, but his long legs have started poking out of the bottom, so we needed another way to keep the cold off his feet.

I found the Stonz Booties while digging around online for some pre-walking footwear, and I’m really impressed so far. They’re very roomy and simple to pull over his chubby trotters, and fasten easily with drawstring toggles around the ankle and shin.

They look cool too, coming in loads of different colours with plenty of options for different prints on the side. It wasn’t an easy choice with so many designs to pick from, but we eventually ignored the Fire Truck, Sheep and Triceratops options and went for the Elephant.

The internal fleece lining is quite thin so you need to make sure your baby’s foot is still well bundled up inside on really cold days, but the Stonz Booties do a great job of keeping water, wind and cold out. They also have soft skid-resistant soles, so will hopefully still be just as useful when the little terror starts walking later this year.

And they make Sonny look like a proper little adventurer!

Outdoor Dad verdict: Good price for a good product. We’ve only had them a couple of weeks but must have used them 20 times. Ideal for winter walks in baby carriers.
Price: £22.39 (sale)
Buy them from: Happy Little Soles (brilliant website with loads of options for barefoot children’s shoes)

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