Review: Vaude Shuttle Premium child carrier

Review: Vaude Shuttle Premium child carrier

The Vaude Shuttle Premium is designed for serious walkers who want their kids to share their outdoor adventures. The feature spec is high and so is the price, so is it worth it?

As with most top-level outdoor kit from big brands, it’s always hard to pick too many faults and the Vaude Shuttle Premium is no exception. I’ve used it on casual strolls and tougher hikes and my little boy Sonny loves it, but I find it lacks a little bit in terms of weight distribution and comfort.

  • The Vaude Shuttle Premium is fully adjustable for both you and your child. You can adjust the back of the pack to suit your body shape, and the adjustable seat is really nicely designed to make sure your little explorer is both secure and comfy.
  • The storage is excellent and it feels like you’ve got zipped pockets everywhere, including on the hipbelt which is perfect for stashing sweets and little bribes to keep kids happy. The stowage compartment at the bottom is particularly roomy, so you’ve got plenty of space to pack extra layers and important extras like nappies, toys and drinks.
  • The Vaude Shuttle Premium even comes with a baby changing mat (!), which also doubles up as a handy sit mat on wet or cold ground.
  • The integrated sunroof cover pops up really easily and provides great protection on hot days.
  • The soft and washable frog eyes cover on the head support provides a comfy pillow if your child fancies a nap, and makes the pack look very cool.
  • The sturdy top handle feels very secure and safe when you’re lifting up the fully loaded pack and securing it to your back.
  • It’ll cost you. There are much cheaper options out there if the limit of your ambitions is strolling around your local park, but if you’re heading for the hills and mountains and want extra durability and storage this is a great option.
  • Comfort. I always stress that comfort and fit with outdoor gear is a personal thing, and other people may love the way the Vaude Shuttle Premium feels on their back, but I found it quite uncomfortable on long walks. No matter what i did with the straps I couldn’t quite get it right, with my hips taking a lot of the weight and feeling quite painful afterwards.
  • I found the kickstand stiffer and more fiddly than other models I’ve tried, making it more of an effort to open and close while the pack was on my back.
  • Lack of rain cover. You can upgrade to a separate raincover (the Big Raincover Shuttle costs £25 and is very good), but at £270 I’d expect something like that to be included.
Outdoor Dad Verdict – Vaude Shuttle Premium

Looks great, feels sturdy and reliable, has loads of impressive features, and keeps Sonny happy, but I didn’t get on with it in terms of comfort and fit. You might love it though!

Where to buy it

Vaude website: £270

Vaude Shuttle Premium

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