Review: Osprey Poco AG Premium child carrier

Review: Osprey Poco AG Premium child carrier

Stable, safe and packed with a mind-boggling number of useful features, the Osprey Poco AG lets us walk longer distances and explore more exciting places. And does the handy job of sending Sonny to sleep!

This heavy-duty rucksack carrier is a seriously impressive piece of kit, and comes with a hefty price tag to match at £270. But if, like me, you intend to take your son or daughter on plenty of outdoor adventures, it’s certainly worth spending the money to make sure they stay safe and secure, allowing you to stay relaxed and confident they won’t topple off your back while you’re on the move.

Osprey have always made great packs, and there are tons of cool features in the Poco that have impressed me.

Sonny’s been perfectly happy in his front-facing baby carrier until now (he’s almost 8 months old) and I intend to keep using it for local strolls and dog walks, but for travelling further afield and covering more miles a bigger rucksack-style carrier makes far more sense.

Customisable fit

Osprey have always made great packs so I had little doubt I’d be impressed by the quality of the Poco, and I haven’t been disappointed so far. The chunky hip-belt and adjustable mesh back panel allow you to tailor it perfectly to fit your torso, and the whole thing has a sturdy, reassuring feel to it.

Sturdy and safe

The child safety features are just as impressive, including an adjustable safety harness, comfy seat and stirrups for bigger kids, all with easy-to-use clips and buckles. The kickstand on the back is very simple to deploy and snap away, allowing you to place the carrier on the ground in an upright position with your little companion still in it, which is great for taking a breather on your walk.

Packed with features

There are tons of cool features on the Osprey Poco that have impressed me, plus a bunch more I probably haven’t discovered yet. My favourites are the pop-up sunshade that covers Sonny’s head like a bee-keeper’s hat, the removable 11-litre daypack on the back that allows his mum to share some of the load, and the ‘scratch-free’ pocket that keeps valuables like phones and sunglasses safe. The stretchy mesh side pockets mean the Poco AG has plenty of storage, and the integrated raincover means you can even use it in the wet.

Reassuringly heavy

The obvious downside to all these features is that the whole contraption, particularly when it has a big chunky baby wedged in it, is bloody heavy. The pack itself weighs nearly 4kg, and Sonny is an absolute beast of a boy, so it feels more like a backpacking rucksack than a simple daypack. But that’s obviously to be expected, and it’s so well designed that the weight sits nicely on your hips rather than your shoulders and back.

Outdoor Dad Verdict: Osprey Poco AG Premium child carrier

All in all, I’m a big fan of the Osprey Poco. I’ll need to use it a lot to get my money’s worth, but I certainly intend to. Sonny hasn’t complained once so far and has fallen asleep on every walk, which is as big a thumbs up as I ever get from him. If you’ve got the cash and think you’ll get a lot of use from it, I say go for it.

Buy it from Osprey: £270
Or buy the slightly cheaper non-premium version: £220




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