Review: Isbjörn Stripes baby cap

Review: Isbjörn Stripes baby cap

I found out quickly this winter that cold ears = unhappy baby. Which is why this daft beanie hat from Isbjörn of Sweden has been an invaluable addition to Sonny’s outdoor wardrobe.

He’s worn a lot of hats during his eight months on this planet, including a shark hat, a penguin hat and bear hat, but this is probably the first time we’ve stuck something on his bonce that’s more practical than decorative.

Sonny’s noggin is currently expanding at a terrifying rate and he rips through headwear quickly, but the Isbjörn Stripes is pleasingly roomy and stretchy so I’m hopeful we may even get an entire winter out of it. Unlike most of my boy’s other hats, this knitted cap comes with ear flaps that protect his lugs without me having to pull the whole thing down over his eyes, so the nosy little dude always has an unimpeded view of what’s going on.

“Quality piece of winter kit for outdoorsy parents”

It’s quite expensive for a baby hat (£30.35), but then good outdoor gear is rarely cheap so it’s a compromise worth making. The thick outer material is a mix of acrylic and wool so it’s nice and warm, and the inside is lined with a soft micro-fleece material that’s gentle on Sonny’s baldy head. It looks cool too, and also comes in a pinky-orange colour for girls.

My favourite feature is the little finger loop on top so you can whip it off your little nipper’s head easily when you get indoors. Sonny seems to like it too, but then he seems to like pretty much everything (with the exception of going to sleep).

This is a quality piece of winter kit for outdoorsy parents, and there’s plenty more great stuff in the Isbjörn range. Check it out using the link below…

Buy it from the Isbjörn website: £30.35

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