Review: Isbjörn Cozy Highloft Jumpsuit

Review: Isbjörn Cozy Highloft Jumpsuit

I generally gauge the quality of baby outdoor gear by the amount of noise Sonny makes. If he’s loud and angry, it sucks. If he’s quiet and content, it’s a huge thumbs up. And happily the Isbjörn Cozy fits into the second category. 

Winter’s just about behind us, so the beefy down suit my 11-month-old gear tester has been sporting since October is packed away and has been replaced by this excellent full-body fleece. Here’s what we think of it so far…

  • The Isbjörn Cozy is made from Polartec ThermalPro HighLoft material, which is usually reserved for top quality adult outdoor gear, so you know you’re getting a high performance piece of baby clothing.
  • I love anything that makes my life easier, and the Isbjörn Cozy certainly does that. It has a single full-body zip from collar to ankle that makes it simple to secure a thrashing baby inside.
  • It’s a perfect outer layer in spring, autumn and mild winter weather, so all you need to do is zip your baby inside then head outdoors without doing a full change of clothes – always a winner with me!
  • The adjustable hood is massive, so no worries on keeping bald baby heads warm, with room for a hat underneath if needed.
  • The built-in mitts and socks mean you can head straight outside without sending hours trying to squeeze little figures and toes into gloves or shoes before you leave the house.
  • The Isbjörn Cozy looks awesome and very adventurous, and comes in eye-catching blue and pink colours.
  • It isn’t too bulky, so unrestrictive when slotting your little explorer inside a pram or carrier
  • It isn’t cheap! £90 is a hell of an investment for a piece of clothing that will be outgrown in a handful of months, but if you’ve got the budget then it’s a great purchase.
  • If you do go for it, get a size slightly too big so your child can grow into it and squeeze a few extra outdoor trips out of your outlay.
Outdoor Dad Verdict – Isbjörn Cozy Highloft Jumpsuit

A proper piece of outdoor kit for proper little adventurers. The price tag is slightly scary, but this is a top-quality, practical fleece suit that’s suitable for all kinds of outdoor trips.

Where to buy it

Isbjörn of Sweden website: £91.15

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