Review: Hamax Kiss child bike seat

Review: Hamax Kiss child bike seat

If you love cycling but your child is too young to master two wheels, a seat for your own bike is a must. And the Hamax Kiss is one of the best out there.

I was initially torn between a seat or trailer for our son to ride in, but the Hamax Kiss rear bike seat seemed the most practical option and has proved to be a great purchase. Well priced, easy to assemble and very safe, there’s very little not to like about it.

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Good points

  • It’s cheap! As with everything you buy, there’s a wide range of prices with kiddy bike seats. We didn’t fancy forking out hundreds of pounds for a top spec version since we weren’t even sure Sonny would like it, so we opted for the mid-price Hamax Kiss at £60.
  • It’s reassuringly popular. I think 90% of the people I see cycling with a baby or toddler are using the Hamax Kiss, which can only be a good sign. It was even recommended to us by one of the staff in Halfords over some of the more expensive options. As soon as he told us he used it with his own son, our mind was made up.
  • It’s easy to assemble. As someone who’s destroyed a lot of bikes with my useless handyman skills, I wasn’t looking forward to assembling and attaching the Hamax Kiss. But the instructions were simple and needed nothing more than an Allen Key to get everything secured to the frame of my bike.
  • It fits most bikes. The Hamax Kiss fits round tubes from 28-40mm so you should have no worries attaching it to your frame. I ride a pretty bog-standard hybrid and had no issues at all.
  • It feels very secure. The instructions advise you to tighten up the bolts before every trip, but after almost six months of using the Hamax Kiss they haven’t loosened at all. It also has tall back support and double wall side protection for maximum safety.
  • The straps are child-proof. Granted I’m not exactly the sharpest tool in the box, but I figure if I have to work hard to open the buckle that keeps Sonny strapped into his seat then it’ll be impossible for him. With the little devil being behind me and out of sight for the duration of our rides, it gives me good peace of mind that he can’t unstrap himself and dive headfirst from a moving bicycle.
  • It doesn’t effect your ride. I was slightly nervous the first time I started pedalling with a one-year-old Sonny attached to my bike, but after a couple of minutes I forgot he was even there. The weight distribution feels good and the Hamax Kiss doesn’t unbalance you at all. I’ve done rides of up to 10 miles with Sonny, and could easily have covered more ground.
  • It’s easy to remove. The quick-release bracket means you can keep the bracket attached but remove the big bulky seat when you want to go cycling by yourself.

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Bad points

  • Not the most stylish option. This doesn’t bother me since I’m not a particularly stylish guy (!) but the reason for the cheap price is probably the look of the seat. It’s basically just a big lump of grey plastic with a green cushion on it.
  • Nothing else! After over four years (and now two kids) the Hamax Kiss has been an invaluable addition to our outdoor kit. We use it for everything from long rides in the countryside to nursery drop-offs, and honestly can’t fault it at all.

Outdoor Dad verdict – Hamax Kiss child bike seat

The price is good and the performance is even better. One of the few bits of outdoor gear I’ve ever used that I just can’t really fault at all.

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Hamas Kiss child's bike seat

4 thoughts on “Review: Hamax Kiss child bike seat

  1. Thank you for this review, very helpful! It certainly tells me which bicycle seat NOT to buy! Cheap and cheerful indeed and the fist and last pictures tell me precisely what’s wrong with this seat – it does not offer any recline if your little one has a nap! Imagine how sore your neck would be if you slept in this position? You appear to be a great Dad but some common sense does now hurt:) All the best!

    1. Non sense I have the same seat and it wouldn’t be on the market if there was an issue with how the child fell asleep. Never once has my daughter motioned her neck hurt and enjoys every ride.

  2. Apologies for the typos in my comment. Among others, it should say that some common sense does not hurt:)

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