Review: Deuter Kid Comfort II child carrier

Review: Deuter Kid Comfort II child carrier

With Sonny tipping the scales at 2 stone I’ve never needed a good rucksack carrier more, and the Deuter Kid Comfort II is right up there with the best. It’s lightweight, comfortable, easy to load, and easy to carry.

What’s right with it?

Where do I even start? The Deuter Kid Comfort II is a very sporty child carrier designed for people who really want to get off-road and do some exploring with young kids. As a result it’s relatively lightweight for this kind of premium product at 3250g (by contrast, the excellent Osprey Poco is 3770g) without compromising on safety features or that important built-to-last feel.

When you’re paying over £200 for anything you expect it to be good, and I’ve found very little to split the very top-end child carriers in terms of performance, but there’s something about the Deuter Kid Comfort II that makes it stand out from the crowd. It feels like it can do pretty much everything its competitors can do, while weighing less, being easier to use, and also being easy to store.

Deuter Kid Comfort II

Features we love

  • The ability to unbuckle an entire side of the Deuter Kid Comfort II to make loading your child much easier than cramming them in from above.
  • Easily adjustable seat that you can move up and down to suit your child’s size.
  • Padded 5-point safety harness that’s very simple to loosen and tighten when needed.
  • Loads of storage! You get pockets on the hip-belt and side of the pack, plus a large zipped chamber under the seat and another long zipped compartment on the back of the pack. Perfect for stashing extra layers, drinks, snacks, nappies, baby wipes, toys, books… and all the other nonsense you need for walking with kids.
  • Adjustable foot rests/stirrups that stop you getting booted in the back when the inevitable tantrum arrives!
  • Deuter’s Aircontact back system with breathable padding that keeps your back sweat free.
  • Adjustable back system you can adapt to your torso length.
  • Separate sun and rain roof (extra accessory) that means you can still head out when it’s blazing hot or pouring down.
  • Nice little touches for your kid like the soft chin pad, and the teddy bear we found stuffed in one of the side pockets.

Deuter Kid Comfort II

What’s wrong with it?

Compared to other models of child carriers we’ve tested I find the kick-stand on the Deuter Kid Comfort II a little stiff to manoeuvre, particularly when you’re grappling around behind your back with it on your shoulders.

The rucksack straps are also a little awkward to adjust when you’re wearing the carrier, and although it’s very easy to load your child into the Deuter Kid Comfort II it’s a little tricky to fasten them in. That’s because the 5-point safety harness buckle is located quite deep in the seating area, so you need to fumble around with little visibility. It’s important to note these are small gripes, though, because the overall performance of the pack is excellent.

Deuter Kid Comfort II

Verdict: Deuter Kid Comfort II

I’d probably go as far as saying this is my favourite of all the child carriers I’ve tested. The fact Sonny’s getting bigger and heavier means saving weight and easily adjusting the carrier to suit his expanding limbs is becoming more important, and the Deuter Kid Comfort II ticks every box.

Buy now: Deuter official website

2 thoughts on “Review: Deuter Kid Comfort II child carrier

  1. Thank you for the review. I have the older model (it does not have adjustable seat and foot rests) but we are very happy with it. And the kid falls asleep on each walk.

    The only drawback I see, as we started doing longer walks is that it does not offer enough storage space ( I believe it’s 17 litres). I have ordered Vaude Shuttle that offers around 27 litres and I’m wondering how those 2 would compare.

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