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Review: Primus TrailBottle Vacuum

Primus TrailBottle Vacuum

The insulated Primus Trailbottle Vacuum keeps your drinks hot or cold in any temperatures, making it the perfect piece of kit for thirsty little explorers.

When aren’t kids thirsty, or hungry, or generally in need of something? One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced before every outdoor trip as a parent has been making sure I’ve got all bases covered when the demands start rolling in – and the new Primus TrailBottle Vacuum has absolutely nailed the thirsty toddler issue for me.

Hot or cold drinks

This stainless steel bottle has double-wall vacuum insulation, which in normal person speak means it will keep a drink either hot or cold for several hours. So whether you’re on a sweaty summer hike and need to cool your little explorer down, or you’re braving winter temperatures and need to warm them up, it’ll do either job. We took it on our recent autumnal trip to RSPB Fen Drayton Lakes nature reserve, and it kept Sonny’s milk warm for the whole two-hour trip.

Easy to drink from

The large opening makes it easy to pick up with both hands and guzzle straight from the bottle, or if you’re as cunningly prepared as I was you can stash a straw inside it for your child to drink through. The other massive advantage of the large opening means you can get inside to wash it thoroughly after each trip, so you know there are no germs left lurking inside.

Primus TrailBottle Vacuum

Clever cap strap

The Primus TrailBottle Vacuum has a strap attached to the lid, which means your kid won’t be able to chuck the cap in a lake, stash it down the back of the car seat, or do whatever else it is they do to lose things everywhere they go. The strap is also large enough that you could loop it round a rucksack strap when you’re moving, so you’ve always got quick access to your drink when it’s needed.

Cool features

The Primus TrailBottle has a powder-coated surface that’s easy to grip, so you can screw the cap on tight and stash it in your bag safe in the knowledge you’ll be able to open it again without your hand slipping all over the place. It also fits most water filters and is made from materials that don’t contain any chemicals.

Outdoor Dad Verdict: Primus TrailBottle Vacuum

Cools my little boy down on hot days and warms him on winter adventures. There’s nothing fancy about the Primus TrailBottle Vacuum – it just does exactly what you want it to, when you need it to.

Buy it: Primus TrailBottle Vacuum, £26

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