Review: LittleLife Adventurer S2 child carrier

Review: LittleLife Adventurer S2 child carrier

A backpack carrier for your toddler is the natural step up from a baby carrier – so read our LittleLife Adventurer S2 child carrier review for the lowdown on an excellent and affordable option.

We’ve tested this carrier for the past 18 months, carrying our son from the age of around six months up to 2 years old, when he basically became too heavy to carry.

LittleLife have built an excellent reputation for making quality outdoor products for kids at great prices, and the S2 is no exception.

As with most products, you’ll get more features and a higher spec if you pay more for some of the more premium models on the market. But if you can pick this up for around £100 then you’re getting a bargain.

Scroll down for our LittleLife Adventurer S2 child carrier review…

Little Life Adventurer S2 child carrier

What’s good about it?

  • The LittleLife Adventurer S2 child carrier is impressively lightweight at 1.9kg. We’ve tested some of the more robust and expensive carriers out there like the Osprey Poco and the Deuter Kid Comfort and although they’re both very impressive, they don’t come near the S2 in terms of weight.
  • Like most child carriers, the S2 is collapsible in the sense that you can fold the kickstand in and squash it all together. So it’s easy enough to stow in your car boot or stash at home when you aren’t using it.
  • The child seat is adjustable, meaning that you can make a few changes to it depending on your child’s size and weight.
  • Unlike some carriers we’ve tested, the LittleLife Adventurer S2’s buckle system is really nice and simple. You won’t have any problems securing your child into the pack.
  • You can also loosen or tighten the side straps, making it feel as secure as you want it to once you’ve fastened your little one in.
  • In terms of your own comfort, the S2 is a dream. You can adjust the back system, shoulder straps and hip belt so it fits you snugly. Even when my lad got big and heavy (he’s always been a serious chunk), it distributed the weight very well and never felt uncomfortable
  • The soft face pad is perfectly placed for them to rest their heads when they fall asleep!
LittleLife Adventurer S2 backpack

Anything we’d change?

  • My only real complaint about the LittleLife Adventurer S2 child carrier would be how unstable it feels when you deploy the kickstand and place it on the ground. Even without a child in it, the backpack feels a little bit wobbly when you try to stand it up. So every time I’ve placed it on the ground fully loaded, I’ve always kept a foot on the kickstand or a hand on the top handle to steady it.
  • It’s a little bit lacking in storage compared to some competitors. You get a decent storage pocket at the bottom and a couple of stretchy side pockets. But with all the extras you have to carry for babies and toddlers (nappies, wipes, snacks, clothes etc) it feels a little bit limiting.
  • It’s a shame you have to pay extra for the sunshade and raincover. This isn’t uncommon with child carriers, but they’re pretty much essential features if you like walking in all seasons so it’s an extra expense on top.
LittleLife Adventurer S2 child carrier review

Outdoor Dad Verdict – LittleLife Adventurer S2 child carrier

If you like taking short walks and hikes with your baby or toddler, the LittleLife Adventurer S2 child carrier is a great budget option. Easy to use and adjust, impressively lightweight, comfortable for you and your child, and very well priced.

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