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Review: Kiddimoto U-Zoom Scooter

Kiddimoto U-Zoom scooter

The Kiddimoto U-Zoom is the perfect starter scooter for young kids and toddlers. It’s well built, easy to handle, simple to adjust and packs down small. We love it!

My little boy Sonny picked up how to ride a balance bike quickly, so the natural next step was a scooter. They’re incredibly popular where we live in Cambridgeshire due to the flat terrain and abundance of cycle paths, so we were delighted to be sent one to review by the team at Kiddimoto. Here’s what we think of it…

Well built

The Kiddimoto U-Zoom Scooter comes with a 10-year warranty, and from the feel of it I’d be very surprised if you ever have to cash that in. With a solid aluminum stem, plastic foot-plate and weight of 2.3kg, it feels well worth the £50 price tag. After six months of relentlessly hammering ours along pavements and through parks, it still performs as good as new.The Kiddimoto U-Zoom can also hold up to 50kg in weight, perfect for daft adults to jump on and demonstrate to their kids how it works.

Good handling

Designed with a 3-wheel tilt and turn system, the Kiddimoto U-Zoom Scooter has a nice stable feel to it straight out of the box. There are two wheels at the front to help your child balance, and one at the back to make it easy to manouvre. It took Sonny a little while to get the hang of the title and turn steering system, which relies on you leaning from side to side rather than turning the handlebars. As a result, I spent a lot of time pushing him down the street to generate the speed while he focused on steering. But once he mastered it, everything else followed quickly and he was soon flying around our street completely self-propelled.

The Kiddimoto U-Zoom

Easy to adjust

Sonny’s still only three years old and around a metre tall, but if the last couple of years are anything to go by that won’t stay the case for long! He currently uses the lowest setting on the handlbars, but there are two longer lengths we can adjust to as he grows. At a push I can even handle the Kiddimoto U-Zoom on the highest setting, so perfect for all ages probably from toddler up to junior school age.

Packs down small

The Kiddimoto U-Zoom Scooter folds down using a simple one-click folding system, making it simple to stash in your car boot or store in your garage or shed. Ours sits on a garage shelf when we aren’t using it, so hardly takes up any space.

Useful rear brake

The scooter I rode as a kid was a complete death trap, so I was well impressed to see the rear brake on the Kiddimoto U-Zoom that you press down with your trailing heel to slow down. Sonny still hasn’t figured out how to use it, so is relying on jamming one of his feet into the tarmac to brake, but we’ll get there eventually!

Awesome flashing wheels

You really need to be riding at night to get the best of this jazzy feature, but once you pick up a decent speed on the Kiddimoto U-Zoom Scooter the LED lights fire up and sparkle red and green as you fly down the pavement. They don’t need batteries either, so should last as long as the rest of the scooter does.

The Outdoor Dad Verdict – Kiddimoto U-Zoom Scooter

The perfect starter scooter for young kids and toddlers, with lots of great features and cool designs to pick from. Highly recommended.

BUY IT: Kiddimoto website, £49.99

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