Review: Kiddimoto Super Junior balance bike

Review: Kiddimoto Super Junior balance bike

The Kiddimoto Super Junior balance bike is ingenious. It teaches your toddler to ride, steer, balance – and means they’ll never need stabilisers!

Good value

Designed for kids aged from 2-5 years old it may seem quite expensive at £59.99, but you get a hell of a lot of good times back for that investment. The adjustable saddle (32-45cm) means you can set it as low as possible for really young kids, so as soon as Sonny’s toes were able to touch the floor he was desperate to ride it.

Kiddimoto Super Junior balance bike

Easy to master

It only took him a few weeks to get used to the Super Junior (see video below). We started out by sitting him on it while we pushed and steered for him, but after a few dozen trips up and down our street he was ready to roll by himself. Six months later he’s fully confident and flies along the pavement to nursery and back every day, around our local park, and even along woodland trails.

Puncture-proof tyres

It actually took me a few weeks to realise this, but one of the things that makes the Kiddimoto Super Junior balance bike so reliable is its puncture-proof tyres. Rather than messing about with pumps and inner tubes, you get two chunky and shock-resistant tyres filled with padded EVA foam, which means you never lose tyre pressure and can be confident riding on any surface or terrain.

Kiddimoto Super Junior balance bike

Lightweight steel frame

The frame and forks are made from lightweight steel, which makes it easy for your child to steer and glide down the pavement. That light weight of just 3.3kg also comes in handy when toddlers decide to down tools and walk, because it means the Kiddimoto Super Junior is nice and easy for you to carry.

Kiddimoto Super Junior balance bike

Easy to store

The Kiddimoto Super Junior balance bike is so small you can easily fit it in the boot of your car (Sonny’s mum even gets it into her daft little Fiat 500!) so you really can take it anywhere with you. The quick-release handlebars also mean you can remove them easily and lay it flat too.

Kiddimoto Super Junior balance bike

Reassuringly popular

I was honestly shocked by how quickly Sonny adapted to this bike and was even more shocked that I’d never heard of balance bikes before this year. I’ve since spoken to loads of parents who have the same bike or similar, and the results have always been the same. The little gliding footrests on the Kiddimoto Super Junior are a nice touch too, because they encouraged Sonny to lift his feet off the ground right from the start.

Kiddimoto Super Junior balance bike

Outdoor Dad Verdict: Kiddimoto Super Junior balance bike

The Kiddimoto Super Junior is Sonny’s favourite thing in the whole world. It’s taught him to ride, given us freedom to explore further and faster than we could on foot, and the only problem now is slowing him down!

Buy it: Kiddimoto Super Junior Balance Bike

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