Review: Keen Seacamp II CNX sandals

Review: Keen Seacamp II CNX sandals

If you’re planning to hit the beach with your kids this year they’ll need footwear that can handle sand, salt water, sunshine and sweaty little toes – and the Keen Seacamp II CNX sandals are perfect.

What’s right with them?

First of all they’re adorably cute, because once your kid puts them on they transform into a proper little outdoorsman/woman. The Keen Seacamp II CNX sandals are basically a shrunken version of Keen’s excellent adult sandals, which are renowned for their comfort, practicality and robustness. Add in the fact they’re perfect for running in and out of water, quick-drying, have a grippy rubber sole, and you’ve pretty much got the perfect kiddy holiday shoe.

Sonny wore the Keen Seacamps on every day of our recent Mexican holiday whether we were eating in a restaurant, walking by the pool, kicking footballs, dancing to live music, walking through the jungle, or splashing around on the beach, and he was always comfortable and happy. Which means his mum and dad were too!


Features we love

  • Keen’s Secure Fit lace system makes the sandals simple to put on and take off – always a deal-breaker for me with kids’ shoes. The velcro strap can be easily tightened and loosened, so little feet can slip and out with no problem at all.
  • And the velcro isn’t just useful for keeping the sandals on Sonny’s feet – it also allowed me to strap the Keen Seacamp II CNX sandals to the outside of my rucksack when we were walking to and from the pool or beach. This freed up valuable bag space for nappies, wipes, towels, toys and other toddler crap; while allowing the sandals to dry in the sun.
  • The Hydrophobic mesh lining kept Sonny’s feet cool on really hot days, and dried quickly every time he got them wet (which happened a lot).
  • The flexible rubber sole wouldn’t look out of place on an adult hiking shoe, and handled everything from concrete and sand to swimming pools and mud.
  • Other impressive features include the contour arch, metatomical EVA footbed, multi-direction lug pattern, and non-marking rubber outsole. It’s true that all might be a bit advanced for a 20-month-old toddler (I don’t know what most of it means), but I’d rather have it than not have it!!!


What’s wrong with them?

It’s easy to put off by a £30 price-tag for kids’ shoes, but when you consider we also took a pair of cheap crocs (probably from Primark) that left Sonny with huge blisters on the instep of both feet, you realise how important good footwear can be even at this age.

The Keen Seacamp II CNX sandals also gathered quite a lot of sand between the sole and Sonny’s feet while we were at the beach, which could only be removed by taking off the shoes and either shaking them out or pouring water over them. But I honestly can’t remember a pair of sandals I’ve owned that didn’t suffer the same issue, so it’s a very small problem.


Outdoor Dad Verdict: Keen Seacamp II CNX sandals

Tough, comfy, practical and ready for every kind of summer adventure. If you’re heading for the beach with your kids this year, the Keen Seacamp II CNX sandals are a no-brainer.

Buy them: Keen official website, £29.99


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  1. Hi, great to read about a practical pair of kids shoes for the summer. We have had the blisters from crocs type shoes as well for the beach. Sometimes it’s with paying a little extra #ThatFridayLinky

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