Review: Grand Trunk Double Parachute hammock

Review: Grand Trunk Double Parachute hammock

A lovely addition to our family garden and packs down small enough to take on almost every adventure, the Grand Trunk Double Parachute hammock is an absolute bargain for outdoorsy families.

Grand Trunk Double Parachute hammock, £65

My main motivation for getting this hammock was to use it myself. I’ve always wanted a lightweight, portable hammock that I could take with me on mountainous walking adventures or canoe trips, because they’re lighter than tents and in fine weather provide a fun and memorable way to sleep in a wild location.

I did quite a bit of research and the Double Parachute from Grand Trunk seemed like the best option. It’s cheap (just £65 on Amazon), packs down into a little stuff-sack around the size of a shoe and weighs less than 800g. It’s so simple to stash in your rucksack that it’s worth carrying with you everywhere just in case you find a nice spot to swing in for half an hour.

So far I’ve used it on a Lake District hillside, between two trees in our local park and mostly in our garden, and I’ve been extremely impressed. It comes with two thin lengths of rope and two carabiners that make it very simple to hang. You simply loop the already tied lengths of rope around a tree or post then attach the carabiners to secure it. You can of course add extra lengths of rope or paracord, which is a good idea because it allows you to hang the hammock between trees that are further apart (but only if you’re good at tying knots!). It’s made from 100% parachute nylon that feels incredibly tough, is wide enough to comfortably and safely fit two adults and comes in a wide variety of funky colours. Basically, it’s brilliant.

I first let Sonny test it one hot day when he was just 9 weeks old, as he was struggling to sleep during the afternoon. I climbed into the hammock and made sure I was safe and secure, then his mum handed him to me and I held him against my chest, with the hammock swinging gently and allowing sunlight to dapple on Sonny’s face through the leaves. He loved it immediately, grinning happily to himself then eventually dropping off to sleep as he rocked from side to side. A few minutes later I climbed out of the hammock and placed him into the middle of it by himself. The sides are so high that there was no danger of him falling out, so I sat in a chair and rocked the hammock gently with my hand. Sonny slept in there for an hour, contentedly cooing from time to time and when he woke up was happy just to stare at the sky as he swayed.

This hammock is destined for far grander adventures than it’s been treated to so far, and I already can’t wait to see Sonny climb into it by himself, but for now it’s a wonderful addition to our family garden.

Check out the full colour range on the Grand Trunk website by CLICKING HERE


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