Review: Flyte Zinc Scooter Case for kids

Review: Flyte Zinc Scooter Case for kids

The Flyte Zinc Scooter Case is fun, practical, sturdy and aeroplane cabin-sized – probably the best travel case out there if you’re flying on holiday with kids.

Our 3-year-old tested it out on a recent family holiday to Turkey and as well as suddenly becoming the coolest kid in the airport, it also helped Sonny enjoy the whole travelling experience more than ever because he felt like a proper plane passenger.

As the name suggests, the Flyte Zinc Scooter Case (£70) turns from a normal carry-on case into a scooter, so your child can zip around the airport and keep themselves entertained while you’re doing all the boring stuff like queuing at passport control and waiting for luggage to appear.

Choose the right size

We opted for the larger 25-litre version of the Flyte Zinc Scooter Case – it’s available in Mini (ages 2-4) and Midi (ages 4-8). The Midi version was the perfect size to store all of Sonny’s snacks, books and toys for the flight, and to be honest would have also doubled up as a perfect size for adult travel luggage. The Midi scooter itself is also a good size for a toddler who’s already comfortable riding a scooter, and gives your child plenty years more of use rather than limiting them to the smaller Mini size.

Pick your favourite design

We went for Darwin The Dinosaur (because Sonny’s obsessed with dinosaurs!) but there are nine designs to choose from, ranging from flamingos and owls to sharks and spacemen. All of them look fantastic, and it allows your child to customise their own piece of travel luggage by picking one of their favourite animals or characters.

Flyte Zinc Scooter Case review

How good is the scooter?

I expected the bag to be good but the scooter to be a bit clunky and tough to use, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Flyte Zinc Scooter Case is surprisingly easy to steer and manoeuvre, despite the big bag attached to its stem. Sonny’s been using the Kiddimoto U-Zoom scooter for the past couple of years and I didn’t think this case could possibly stack up against it in terms of performance, but he seemed to enjoy it just as much. I couldn’t resist having a go too, and can confirm it’s almost as good for big, clumsy, lanky adults as it is for kids!

How good is the case?

It’s hard to pick faults in the performance of the actual case too! It’s sturdy but squishy and child-friendly, with straps and an inner pocket that allow you to organise your luggage inside the case. It has a simple zip opening, and is really easy to fold down into a normal bag when you’ve had enough of the scooter. The fact it fits inside aeroplane cabin overhead lockers makes it the perfect piece of kids’ travel luggage!

Flyte Zinc Scooter Case airport

The Outdoor Dad Verdict – Zine Flyte Scooter Case

The Flyte Zinc Scooter Case makes your kid look like a rock star in the airport and doubles up as a great piece of luggage too. If you’re looking for a cool, fun and practical travel case for your children, this is it.

BUY IT: Flyte Zinc Scooter Case Midi, £70

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