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Review: Coleman CXS+ 250 LED head torch

Coleman CXS+ 250 LED head torch

I should make it clear from the start that the Coleman CXS+ 250 LED head torch isn’t a kids’ toy – it’s a proper piece of outdoor kit – but the good news is Sonny loves it just as much as I do.

I’ve used the Coleman CXS+ 250 LED head torch on overnight microadventures, late night dog walks, and for loads of stupid dad stuff like reading bed time stories, charging through play tunnels and flashing around a dark room to make my one-year-old laugh, and I’ve found it a really cool piece of kit.

Coleman CXS+ 250 Headlamp

  • The price is decent. The RRP is £45 but Go Outdoors sell it for £29.99 if you have one of their discount cards. That’s a good price for a genuine outdoor headtorch, and to be fair the CXS+ 250 LED hasn’t been designed to compete at the very top end of the market.
  • It has 5 modes – extra bright, high, medium, low and red.
  • The top light setting of 250 lumens makes it bright enough to handle everything from camping trips to night hikes.
  • You don’t even need to touch the torch to adjust the mode. You simply swipe your hand in front of it from left to right to cycle through the light settings. Pretty cool stuff, and a fascinating toy for a toddler!
  • Even better that that, the REAX light sensor adjusts the beam to suit your environment and picks the right setting for the terrain ahead of you. So in theory, all you need to do is walk and point the torch at the ground, and it’ll set itself to the correct light setting depending on where you are and how dark it is.
  • The head strap is comfy and easy to adjust.
  • It takes AAA batteries which you can buy anywhere, and the battery case is simple enough to open.
  • The Coleman CXS+ 250 LED head torch is water-resistant and ‘splashproof’, which isn’t the same thing as waterproof! It can handle a shower, but probably not a downpour.
  • The big on/off switch on the top is a little too sensitive for my liking, making it easy to switch on in your pack by mistake.
  • Not rechargeable.
  • Takes a little bit of getting used to, but that’s only really because it has so many cool functions.

Microadventure in the Peak District National Park

Outdoor Dad Verdict – Coleman CXS+ 250 LED head torch

Packed with features, lightweight, cheap and reliable. I use it on proper outdoor trips and my little boy uses it to mess about at home, so it ticks plenty of boxes. Definitely recommended!

Where to buy it

Go Outdoors: £29.99

Coleman CXS+ 250 LED head torch
Microadventure in the Peak District National Park

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