Best outdoor activity shoes for toddlers

Best outdoor activity shoes for toddlers

We’ve spent the first few weeks of summer testing out the best outdoor activity shoes for toddlers and here’s our pick of the bunch – from sandals and wellies to football boots and aqua shoes.

Keen Toddlers’ Newport H2 sandals

The Keen Newport H2 sandals are our go-to summer toddler shoes for 2019. If the weather’s dry and warm, our 3-year-old Sonny wears them for almost every kind of activity. Hikes, beach trips, tree-climbing, bike and scooter rides, camping trips, park trips, full days at nursery… they’re perfect for pretty much all outdoor trips. The Keen Newport H2s are incredibly robust with a big, chunky toe cap that protects little toes from bumps and scrapes, plus a thick and grippy sole that can handle grass, rock, sand, tarmac, gravel and much more. The adjustable ‘hook and loop’ velcro strap makes them simple to put on and take off (Sonny can do it by himself) and to make sure you find the perfect pair for your kid, they come in amazing 24 different colour options!

Price: £29.99
Order yours now:
Keen website

Best outdoor activity shoes for toddlers

Hot Tuna Splasher Booties

We’ve wanted a pair of Aqua shoes for ages for canoe trips, river paddles and trips to the beach. If your kids don’t have a pair, you’ve probably seen them in use loads of times before. There isn’t much flashy about these booties from Hot Tuna – they basically keep Sonny’s feet protected in the water and allow him to trample around easily on grass, pebbles, twigs and sand when he’s moving from dry land into water. They have a snug and flexible fit, which he says make them comfortable, and the heel tab at the back makes them simple to pull on. The multi-directional grip on the sole is great for loads of different surfaces, and the best thing is you’re getting all of this for a fiver. We found our pair in a local Sports Direct store.

Price: £5
Order yours now: Hot Tuna website

Best outdoor activity shoes for toddlers

Kipsta Agility 100 Hard Ground football boots

Sonny’s got big-time into football this summer, whether that’s playing in the garden with me, chasing a ball around the park with his buddies, or getting a proper workout at toddler football training sessions. He’s been asking for a special pair of ‘football shoes’ for a while, and we’ve been lucky enough to test out this great pair of Kipsta Agility 100 boots from Decathlon over the past few weeks. They’re designed specifically for young footy players who play on artificial or firm-ground pitches, so perfect for this time of year. The red and black design looks cool (especially for a young Liverpool supporter like Sonny), they seem durable, and offer plenty of support as he slams into tackles and blasts shots at goal. The sole is well cushioned, the small studs on the base of the boot give great traction on dry surfaces, and for less than a tenner you really can’t beat them. Great product from Decathlon, as always.

Price: £8.99
Order yours now: Decathlon website

Best outdoor activity shoes for toddlers

Spotty Otter Adventure Fleece-Lined Wellies

Protective, grippy, warm, comfy and totally waterproof, these fleece-lined wellies from Spotty Otter are awesome for summer downpours, muddy puddles, and paddling on cooler days when your little explorer wants to keep their feet dry. They’re made from a strong and flexible rubber, with fleece lining for extra warmth and nice touches including reflective strips and a drawstring toggle around the top so you can cinch them around your toddler’s shins. We used them a lot in the early days of summer when it seemed to rain every day, and they were fantastic for a trip to Old Hunstanton Beach in Norfolk when we were looking for crabs in rock pools. The generous sizing means I’m pretty sure they’ll last us well into autumn and winter too. Very impressed!

Price: £27.99
Order yours now: Little Trekkers website

Best outdoor activity shoes for toddlers



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