Welcome to the family Dougie!

Welcome to the family Dougie!

Our little family recently swelled in numbers from three to four, with chubby monster Dougie joining the party. We’re a bit biased, but he’s already a handsome little legend!

We decided that after three years of being run ragged by our first lunatic child (we love you really, Sonny) life was still a bit too easy for us, so we chucked another big noisy lad into the equation.

So far, so good. Dougie was born a couple of days before his due date, weighing almost exactly the same as his brother at the same age, and looking so much like him that I honestly struggle to tell the difference between them on their baby photos. The only big difference so far is that the newcomer has a spiky mop of dark hair, whereas his predecessor was as bald as a cue ball until he was 2 years old!

How hard is life with two? I won’t lie, I’m tired. So tired I very rarely know what’s going on from one hour to the next. We also never get a spare second to ourselves anymore, because those glorious little windows of peace – when one of us would look after Sonny and the other would cabbage on the sofa watching Netflix – are long gone.

Welcome to the family

Our house is now a near-perfect storm of fireball toddler energy and exploding nappies, tantrums and puke, CBeebies and a serious lack of sleep. But beyond all the chaos and madness, it’s exactly what we hoped it would be. A crazy little family of four (plus our ancient dog Mario who just seems happy to keep out of the way), off on all kinds of adventures together.

Dougie (AKA Basher) doesn’t do a lot. He can’t walk, talk or perform any of the basic human functions with any dignity. But my God he’s cute. Double dimples, big blue eyes, and a mischievous little grin that already spells trouble.

The weather’s been so good since he was born that Dougie’s spent half of his life outside – tagging along on family walks and watching his big brother ride bikes, paddle canoes, jump in rivers, climb trees, kick footballs and do all the other nutty stuff that he does all day, every day.

I think we’d both forgotten how slightly pathetic newborn babies are, and how little they do for those first couple of months, but Dougie’s already started developing a cheeky little personality of his own. He loves being outside staring at trees, listening to music, splashing about in the bath, and gargling to himself with a dopey grin on his chops. And what he really loves more than anything, is crapping all the way through his nappy and clothes.

So it feels like we’re getting away with it so far, in the same way that we’ve been getting away with it since the day Sonny was born almost 3 and a half years ago. The boys are lucky enough to have the best mum in the world, and a dad who if nothing else tries his best. And the only thing we can guarantee is that we’ll make life as fun and adventure-filled for them as we possibly can.

One thing’s for sure, the next 18 years are going to be very interesting!


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