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The secret to a successful first paddle

With the sudden arrival of glorious summer weather Sonny’s been feeling the heat, so this week we treated him to his first dip in a paddling pool. And as usual he reacted brilliantly!

Our little lad has always loved bath-time, but that’s been with warm water in a warm house, so we weren’t sure how he’d react to a chilly outdoor dip. However, Sonny’s taken everything brilliantly in his stride so far, so we weren’t concerned at all.

It probably helped that the paddling pool of choice was his regular baby bath that I simply filled with cooler water and carried outside, but the fact I dropped the water temperature down significantly from its usual 37 deg C took him a little by surprise when we lowered him into it.

It was scorching outside so we picked a shaded spot in the garden and dressed Sonny in his new full body swimming costume, because rather than plop him straight into cooler water fully naked we thought he’d react better to the new experience if he had a little more insulation. We also kept his nappy on – just in case!

He looked confused as we dipped his toes into the water, then absolutely astonished as his legs slipped beneath the surface, but he stayed calm and settled the whole time. We never got the smiles, coos and cackles Sonny always treats us to during his evening baths; but he was clearly relaxed and happy to splash about in the little pool.

He sat bolt upright for the first few minutes, then relaxed enough for us to feel comfortable submerging his whole body – with everything except his head underneath the water. He lay there motionless staring up at us with a contented look on his face, as I supported his back to make sure he didn’t slip under the surface.

We hooked Sonny out of the water after five minutes because we didn’t want him to get upset and remember the experience as something we allowed to linger on for too long, stripped him off, dried him, then settled him down on his activity in the shade.

He looked cool, content and happy, just like he always does. Another successful activity ticked off the list!

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