Creating an outdoor family network: we need your help!

Creating an outdoor family network: we need your help!

It’s been two months since I wrote about potentially creating an outdoor family network. The response to that first blog was fantastic – and now we need your help to make it happen!

I must have been contacted by over 100 parents back in February, who’d all read my blog about potentially creating some kind of outdoor family network. My question back then was, would you be interested in joining a group/network/organisation/movement that encourages more parents to meet up and get outdoors with their kids?

The answer was a pretty emphatic yes, with most people admitting they wish they led a more adventurous life with their children but struggle to meet other parents who want to get outside and share those experiences with them.

I also heard from a few groups who were already trying to start up something similar in the UK, individuals who loved the idea and wanted to help us get it off the ground, and a few prominent figures in the outdoor industry who were keen to hear more details. So, in short, the response was incredibly positive, encouraging and exciting, and this is something we’d love to try to make happen.

We want to build a digital platform that in turn creates a community of parents and kids who crave a more adventurous life, where weekends and holidays are filled with new and exciting activities and experiences. We want to put likeminded families in touch with each other so they can organise fun activities together, not fork out hundreds of pounds for expensive courses or organised groups where the fun is taken out of your hands.

Help us create an outdoor family network!

We’re in still in the very early planning stages, which is why you can help out massively. This short survey will give us more of a feel for what parents want from something like this, and what they’d be prepared to do to help make it happen, so if you’ve got time to fill it in we’d be really grateful.

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