Indoor family sledging, Milton Keynes Snozone

Indoor family sledging, Milton Keynes Snozone

Fancy hitting the slopes with your kids but don’t want to sit about waiting for snow? Then the indoor family sledging sessions at Snozone are perfect.

Living in the barren flatlands of Cambridgeshire and waiting for winter snow to arrive can be a soul-destroying experience. If I get three flakes on my car windscreen I almost faint. So this winter we took matters into our hands by by booking a Family Fun Sledging session at the Milton Keynes Snozone.

Growing up in the grim Pennine hills I sledged a lot as a kid, but neither of my boys had even sat on a sledge before this winter and were desperate to give it a go. Unfortunately for little Basher he was too young at 2 years old to be let loose on the slopes of Europe’s largest indoor ski slope, so it was down to me and Sonny (5 years old) to give it a go.

How much does it cost?

The 45-minute sessions are cheap (£10 each) but very popular so make sure you book in advance online. If you have kids aged between 3 and 12, you pretty much have all you need to go indoor family sledging at the Snozone. When you arrive you get given a helmet, chuck any spare kit or valuables you don’t need in one of the lockers, and then you head for the slopes. After a short safety briefing and a few simple instructions, you’re ready to sledge!

How hard is indoor sledging?

My favourite thing about the indoor family sledging sessions in Milton Keynes are how simple they are. You don’t need any skills or previous experience; you simply grab a sledge, walk the short distance to the top of the slope, then race back down. The slope is probably less than 50 metres but you pick up plenty of speed and it’s perfectly safe and simple to stop at the bottom. You use your hands to steer by dragging them in the snow on either side, and use your feet to brake if you want to slow down. My 5-year-old managed it all with no trouble at all, but I did see a couple of younger kids struggling to reach the snow with their legs which made braking difficult. I’d say the ideal age is probably 4 and up.

What gear do you need?

Very little, but I’d recommend making sure you at least have waterproof clothing. The snow at Snozone is very powdery and not very wet, but you’ll be spending a lot of time rolling about in it so your clothes will eventually get soaked. It’s also pretty cold on the slopes (obviously) so chuck a few layers on underneath your waterproofs. Wellies, waterproof gloves and a camera (so you can get some funny videos) are also a must!

Verdict – Indoor Family Sledging, Milton Keynes Snozone

I can honestly say indoor family sledging is one of the most fun and enjoyable things I’ve ever done with our kids. So simple, so much fun, and fantastic value. We’ll be going back a lot!

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