Picking our Halloween pumpkin

Picking our Halloween pumpkin

Before this year I thought Halloween pumpkins only grew in supermarkets, but it turns out they actually grow in fields. And you can pick them yourself. And it’s great fun!

“Fancy taking Sonny pumpkin picking this afternoon?” Certainly not a question I ever expected to get asked, but it turns out this is a popular new craze with parents keen to get their kids into the Halloween spirit early.

Picking our Halloween pumpkin

Farmers with a smart sense of how to cash-in on this spooky time of year have started opening up their pumpkin fields to the paying public, and it’s safe to say we’re all absolutely lapping it up. We were on Merseyside visiting family for the weekend and heard a rumour that Church View Farm Shop on the outskirts of Ormskirk was a good bet, so next thing I knew we were off picking our Halloween pumpkin.

And it was wonderful!

Pumpkin picking

As well as the usual fresh fruit and veg Church View Farm Shop was also selling treacle toffee, burgers, hot drinks and loads of other refreshments, plus treating kids to tractor rides, donkey rides and the chance to get a close look at their three resident Harris’s hawks. There were hay bales for kids to play on, wheelbarrows to charge around in, and endless rows of pumpkins ripe for picking.

tractor ride

We bumped into some old friends and their kids, took loads of photos and generally had a great time. Just best we don’t mention the price of the pumpkins. Prepare for a nasty shock if you fill your wheelbarrow to the top then head straight for the checkout!!!

It might be easier to get your pumpkin in Tesco, and I’m pretty sure it’d be cheaper, but I can already see this turning into an annual tradition and I’d recommend you try it too. Just don’t forget your wellies and dress your toddler in white trainers like we did!

harris's hawk


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