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Our first family snow day

Family snow day

You know how exciting it was when you first saw snow as a kid? Well today I experienced a family snow day for the first time as a parent – and it was even better!

I’m not a particularly sentimental or emotional person (probably something to do with growing up in Yorkshire) but I’ve got a lot more soppy since I became a dad. Watching my little boy Sonny smile for the first time, dance to a Bon Jovi song for the first time, kick a football for the first time, eat a Greggs sausage roll for the first time – they all had my lip trembling a little bit.

And this week, thanks to the terrifyingly overhyped Beast From The East, I also got to see him lose his mind at the sight of snow for the first time. And it was every bit as awesome as I hoped.

Family snow day

Living in the pathetically unthreatening Cambridgeshire climate has plenty of advantages in terms of low rainfall and above-average sunshine, but when it comes to snow we get dealt a crappy hand. We’ve lived here since 2006 and I think we’ve probably had three decent snowfalls in that time, which compared to the week-long blizzards and six-foot snowdrifts I remember as a kid growing up in the grim Pennine hills, it all feels very tame.

But we’ve been hearing all week that the Russians were sending some snow our way, and they actually delivered! We haven’t exactly got snow on an Antarctic scale in our little suburban cul-de-sac, but at least the ground is covered and the sub-zero temperatures have done the honourable job of knackering the heating in my office – which resulted in our very first family snow day.

This morning we wrapped Sonny up in around 2,000 layers of clothing, crammed his big head inside his little blue monster hat, then headed outdoors. I expected him to react a bit like a dog by taking a few cautious footsteps to ease himself into it, but I should have known better. Because this kid is a lunatic.

Family snow day

He charged straight outside, grabbed fistfuls of snow with his bare hands and started launching them into the air while cackling like an evil hyena. We raced up and down our street kicking piles of snow, shook icicles off trees, built an embarrassingly terrible snowman, had a snowball fight with the dog, then raced each other up and down the garden in our wellies until we’d all had enough and headed back indoors to chug warm drinks and watch steam trains on YouTube (his choice, not mine).

Like pretty much every day with Sonny, our first family snow day was great. And memorable. And I hope we have many many more of them. Cheers Beast From The East, you can come again.

Family snow day verdict:

Bloody excellent (but I’d like it to warm up now please).

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