Why is my kid obsessed with buses?

Why is my kid obsessed with buses?

We’ve spent a small fortune on finding new ways to entertain our 19-month-old son, but still nothing makes him happier than waving at a double decker bus. So, why is my kid obsessed with buses?

It isn’t just buses either. Sonny loves trains too, and cars, and motorbikes, and lorries, and fire engines, and police cars – basically, if it’s got wheels and an engine, he’s interested. He shouts at them in the street, plays with toy versions in the house, watches them on YouTube, and probably dreams about them too. Especially since we bought him some fire engine pyjamas!

So last weekend I took him on a little motorised adventure. We toddled down to our nearest bus stop, bought a ticket to our local nature reserve, then jumped on board for Sonny’s first ever bus ride!

kids buses

We took a seat up front so Sonny could see clearly out of the windscreen, then off we went. I expected him to be screaming and shouting with excitement, but instead he sat there motionless. Almost in a trance. And believe me, being quiet is not something this guy is usually good at. When we got to our stop he happily hopped off the bus and waved as it drove away, then turned to me with a pleading look on his face and said his favourite word: “More.”

My plan had been to get off at Fen Drayton Lakes nature reserve, go for a nice walk through the woods, spot some ducks, herons, cormorants and starlings, have a picnic lunch, then head home on the bus – but it became obvious pretty quickly that wasn’t going to happen. All Sonny wanted was more buses, which wasn’t hard to deliver since they come along this section of the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway every few minutes, and that basically meant we weren’t leaving the bus stop.

kids buses

The little monster planted himself firmly in the bus shelter, scoffed a banana and chugged warm milk through a straw, then waited for the next bus. When it came along he charged up to the wooden fence separating us from the busway and waved and cheered his little heart out until it had passed. Then he repeated the process again, and again, and again, and again…

At one point two horse-riders trotted past us and were kind enough to stop so I could lift Sonny up to pat the horses on the nose. Considering he’d never met a horse face-to-face before I thought he’d love this, but sadly for the affection-seeking horses two buses came along at that exact moment so he looked straight past them and bellowed “Buuuuusssssss!” as loud as his little lungs could go.

kids buses

Half an hour later, when the sun had gone in and we’d waved and shouted at more buses than I even knew was possible, we hopped back on board the next arrival and travelled the short distance back home. Again Sonny sat transfixed, staring out of the window, seemingly overwhelmed by the excitement of the whole experience. I know I’m making light of it with this sarcastic blog post, but the whole trip really was adorable.

So why is my kid obsessed with buses? Is it a bit weird? Should I be trying to train it out of him? Absolutely not! He loves them because they’re big, bright, noisy and they’re all around him. He sees buses every day on the cartoons he watches and in the books he reads, and he’s been listening to songs about them since we first introduced him to nursery rhymes as a baby. And not only can he see them, he can also jump on board and travel on them pretty much right from the front door of our house. For a young kid, how cool is that?

In fact, I’m planning to encourage this obsession for as long as possible. It’s way cheaper than PlayStations, Premier League season tickets, and trips to Disneyland!

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