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We’re having a baby!

So, we’re having a baby! First we were shocked, then we were terrified, then we were happy – and now we’ve never been so excited.

We’re both young, we both love travel and exploration, and more than anything we just love being outside. Walking the dog, scrambling up mountains, cycling, skiing, canoeing, climbing trees, feeding the birds – anything. And now we can’t wait to introduce our first child to everything we love.

We still have 89 days to wait for the new arrival to our family, but we’ve been getting his/her first adventures in early. We’ve just got back from our last foreign holiday as a couple in Cape Verde, a beautiful chain of 10 islands off the west coast of Africa. We swam in the Atlantic, played boules on the beach, walked the sand dunes and sipped sangrias at sunset (one of them non-alcoholic). It was awesome, and I’d recommend it to any couple at a similar stage in their pregnancy.

I realise things will slow down as we get closer to the birth (due to one of us inflating by the second), but we’re determined to stay as active as possible, both now and after the baby arrives. This blog is my way of documenting the biggest adventure of our lives – mainly as something we can look back on in years to come, but also for anyone else out there who may be crazy enough to read it.

This forecast for the weekend looks great, so the great outdoors is calling. Something about a pink-footed geese ‘spectacular’ in Norfolk perhaps…

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