6 reasons why you should buy an adult scooter

6 reasons why you should buy an adult scooter

Scooters aren’t just for kids – there are plenty of great options for parents too! If you aren’t sure whether you need one, here are six reasons why you should buy an adult scooter.

1. Adult scooters are amazing fun

I was ordering my 4-year-old a fancy new scooter last summer (the Oxelo Mid 5 from Decathlon), and while I was placing the order got immediately jealous. I’d never even thought about an adult scooter before, but a few minutes later I’d added one to the online shopping basket. They both arrived a couple of days later and within a few days we were scooting two or three miles a day together. But more than that, they’re also amazing fun. If you haven’t ridden a scooter since you were a kid, I can guarantee you’ll feel like a kid again as soon as you do. That’s exactly why you should buy an adult scooter!

why you should buy an adult scooter

2. They help you keep up with your kids!

You know that feeling of terror when your child speeds away from you on their scooter, straight towards a main road? And it usually finishes with you rugby tackling them in a sweaty mess 30 seconds later? Well, the good news is, with your own scooter you can easily keep up with them so those panicked dashes will be a thing of the past. You might even end up being quicker than them!

3. And they make it more fun for kids

Here’s another great reason why you should buy an adult scooter – your kids won’t get bored waiting for you to catch up with them. You’ll be able to race each other, cover longer distances much faster, and generally explore more interesting places together. We use ours on the school run, which turns what would usually be a fairly dull and repetitive 10-minute walk through a housing estate into an exciting race every morning and afternoon. Love it.

why you should buy an adult scooter

4. Adult scooters are great exercise

As soon as I bought my adult scooter, during the first COVID lockdown last summer, I almost immediately started doing 30-40 minutes of scooting each day. So that’s a whole new form of daily exercise I’d never done before. As well as good cardio, scooting gives your lower body a really good workout. I feel it mostly on my hamstrings, calf muscles and glutes, while also engaging my core. And I’ve read that half an hour on a scooter burns around 200 calories, which is even more than walking.

5. They’re brilliant for exploring towns and cities

We’re lucky to live in a very flat part of the country, so scooting around our local towns and villages is straightforward. We use pavements, roads, cycle tracks – basically anything that’s solid underneath our wheels. We recently spent a weekend down in Brighton too, where our scooters helped us explore for miles along the seafront and pick out some of the city’s quirkiest landmarks. Like this upside down house!

why you should buy an adult scooter

6. There are plenty of great adult scooters to choose from

First up, do you want one that’s leg-powered or battery-powered? I went for the leg-powered option because I wanted the exercise benefits, and also because I can’t be bothered to have something else I need to charge! The only adult scooter I’ve ever ridden is the one in these pictures – the Town 7 XL from Decathlon – and I absolutely love it. It’s fairly lightweight, folds down easily for storage, has lovely cushioned suspension, front and rear mudguards, plus brakes on the handlebar and back wheel. Shop around and find the best scooter for you, but I can really recommend this one.

why you should buy an adult scooter

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